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Namely offers comprehensive reporting functionality. With various delivered dashboards as well as the ability to create your own reports on the fly, you can power strategic decisions with your HR analytics data.

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HR Analytics & Insights Features

Delivered Dashboards

Comprehensive and visual analytics giving you the insights to drive better business decisions.

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Point-in-Time Reporting

Compare key HR metrics based on specific dates or timelines.

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HR Insights

Holistic view into trends for time off, attrition, salary, and much more.

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Ad Hoc Reporting

Intuitive tool to create custom reports to meet your needs.
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Power strategic decisions using your HR analytics data.

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Why Clients Love Namely for Employee Engagement

Danielle Bensignor

Manager of Talent Management,

danielle besignor

"Namely is so intuitive that I’m always thinking of new reports I can run, more analytics I can collect, and new ways I can use the platform to enhance our employees’ experience."

Trish Swope

Director of HR,
Archer Malmo

trish swope
“Having all hr, payroll and benefits information in one place, accessible for reporting and analyzing has made a world of difference. Not only does Namely save time, but better decisions can be made (and made faster) around benefits and all sorts of human-centric things."
Kristin Langdon

Vice President of Human Resources,

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"I find Namely’s reporting dashboard to be absolutely one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. The reports we pull from the analytics dashboard help us tell a story with data."

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