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Real Risk Needs a Real Solution

HR Compliance Software

You probably didn’t get into HR to stress about compliance. But in today's world of constantly changing regulations, it is a critical component of any business. Namely offers robust compliance management software so people risk management can go from overwhelming to under control.

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Man works on workforce  compliance management software on his laptop

HR has a lot of responsibility when it comes to compliance and risk mitigation. But the struggle is real when it comes to:

  • Changing legislation that impacts people policies
  • Tracking employee concerns and problems
  • Knowing how to guide the corporate response to real world events
  • Staying on top of the regulations to avoid penalties or fines

You deserve an HR technology partner that provides you with proactive alerts, best practice advice, and a single source of truth for all your HR compliance needs

Compliance May be Menacing
But With Namely, It’s Manageable

  • Unlimited Access to Expert HR Compliance Advisors

  • Living Handbook Creator

  • Comprehensive Compliance Library

  • Anonymous Employee Reporting Solution

  • Law & Compliance Alerts

  • State Policy & Regulation Comparison Tool

  • Robust HR Compliance Toolkits

  • OSHA Logs & Reporting

  • Learning Management System

  • Job Description Builder

  • 300+ Delivered Training & Compliance Management Courses

  • Salary Benchmarking Library

No one wants to live with looming lawsuits or feeling like their job is in jeopardy. With Namely's HR compliance software, you are fully equipped with the tools you need to be proactive in preventing business exposure and risk.

Compliance Library

With our compliance management software, get access to resources on current and pending employment regulations and intuitive tools to help your company stay compliant.

Screenshot of Namely’s HR compliance dashboard

With our compliance management software, get access to resources on current and pending employment regulations and intuitive tools to help your company stay compliant.

Compare policies and regulations in the states you operate in to make it simple to manage a multi-state workforce.

With over 300 powerful, detailed trainings, and the ability to upload your own, you can fully manage employees learning and development

Unlimited access to certified HR advisors that address questions on a variety of compliance topics that are top of mind for your organization.

Our dynamic HR compliance handbook guides you to update policies and protect your organization from potential employee claims

How Namely Helps Keep Our Clients Compliant

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“Namely helps us ensure that we are complying with state laws. Since they vary state to state, this can be quite a time intensive task but Namely makes it so easy with their State Comparison Tool. Thank you Namely, for saving us time and making this task stress free!”

— Casey Reeves, VP at United Mississippi Bank
Vita Coco Logo

“Namely has saved us 8 hours a week that we used to spend on research. If you find yourself constantly ‘googling’ around for compliance measures, Comply will give you that time back.“

— Adrian Gajda, People Manager at Vita Coco
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“I’m an HR department of one, which is why Namely’s compliance solution has been so helpful. I use it quite a bit, and it’s a very big differentiator between Namely and the other providers.”

— John McConville, VP of Administration & Compliance at Intellective

Compliance management is likely not what brought you to HR, but it is one of the main reasons your business needs you. With Namely, you are an HR leader who can feel confident you aren’t putting your company at risk — now or in the future.

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FAQs About HR Compliance Software

HR compliance is the process of aligning workplace policies with a city’s, state’s, country’s, and the world’s labor laws, as well as with industry-specific regulations. This includes policy set up and enforcing practices to follow these policies daily—all while keeping the company’s larger HR objectives in mind.

Managing people risks and maintaining business compliance are two critical components of the HR function—but both are difficult to master.

Namely offers robust compliance management software so people risk management can go from overwhelming to under control. Save time and become the HR compliance expert in your organization with Namely’s robust solution that includes human resources compliance tools like:

  • Unlimited access to live HR advisors
  • Learning management system (LMS) with 300+ courses
  • Proactive state and federal law alerts
  • HR compliance calendar to keep you one step ahead
  • Compliance library with thousands of resources
  • HR assessment to help identify HR and compliance gaps
  • Form and policy templates to give you a head start
  • OSHA compliance tools including case creation, logs, and reporting
  • Job description builder to save you time
  • Salary comparison tool to keep you competitive in the talent market
  • Dynamic handbook that grows with your business
  • Anonymous reporting to empower employees to report concerns

While HR typically has a lot on their plates, compliance and workplace safety must stay top of mind. Having the right tools, resources, and experts at your disposal can make all the difference in the fight to remain compliant. Aside from helping you avoid costly fees and penalties, prioritizing workplace safety will show your employees you care about their wellbeing and safety.

Absolutely. Our HR compliance solution is designed to help businesses save costs by reducing the risk of non-compliance, which can result in costly fines and penalties. By staying up-to-date with labor laws, industry-specific regulations, and compliance requirements, you can avoid legal issues and potential financial setbacks.

To get a personalized quote for your business, request a call here! Or click here for even more compliance resources.

Yes, Namely’s HR compliance service was designed with small and mid-sized businesses in mind. We understand that small businesses have unique needs and budgets, and our solutions are flexible and scalable to accommodate those requirements.

Our aim is to empower businesses of all sizes, and our HR compliance tools can be customized to match the specific needs of small businesses, helping them manage compliance efficiently while focusing on growth.

HR compliance software is a game changer when it comes to simplifying HR processes. With one centralized place to track compliance, payroll, benefits, performance, time off, and more, HR teams can easily communicate between systems, pull needed reports, and build effective processes.

There are many, many reasons why having an HR compliance solution is so important, but how do you pick which one to implement?

Here are just a few of the features your HR compliance solution should have:

  • A living company handbook builder
  • EEOC & ACA compliance reporting
  • Anonymous reporting
  • A multi-state compliance guide or tool
  • Compliance trainings for topics like FMLA, EEO, and anti-discrimination
  • Workplace safety & labor law posters
  • Payroll & onboarding forms
  • Live advisors

Data security is of paramount importance to your team—and to ours. At Namely, we put security first. As keepers of our clients’ most sensitive data, we know your trust is imperative. Our comprehensive approach means you can have peace of mind.

Namely employs robust technical security safeguards to protect data and systems. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest utilizing AES 256­bit encryption. Access to client data is protected by two-factor authentication and restricted based on roles designed for segregation of duties and need-to-know access control principles.

Yes! Namely can generate reports and audits for all your labor law compliance needs, from OSHA logs to ACA and EEO-1 reports.

Compliance in HR is one of the most important things that today’s business leaders need to pay attention to. But how do they actually do it? Enter HR risk mitigation. HR risk mitigation involves the judicious use of talent, software, policy, education, and process to avoid future HR risks before they even appear.

With effective compliance management software, HR teams can not only face compliance challenges as they arise—but they can be prepared before they happen with risk reduction strategies like creating clear policies, educating employees, safely storing I-9s, hanging or sending all required workplace safety posters, keeping track of all payroll compliance form due dates, leveraging e-verify, creating a business continuity plan, and using compliant HR and payroll software.

With HR compliance risk mitigation, you can safeguard your business by preventing problems from the start.