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We understand that payroll & time administration in the US is hard. There is no other way to put it. Namely will help you be the person your business knows they can trust to get it done accurately and on time — everytime.

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Managing crucial and highly visible business processes like payroll is not for the faint of heart. There is a lot of opportunity for mistakes and no room for error. We find that many HR & finance teams in small and mid-sized businesses struggle with:

  • Inconsistent and constantly changing tax and compliance rules across states
  • Last minute changes or late approvals that can delay processing
  • Lack of insights and visibility to their payroll & time data
  • Manual processes or outdated technology

Your payroll solution should take the stress out of processing and give you confidence in your results.

The little things make a BIG difference when it comes to payroll and time. Namely provides a robust offering of payroll and time features, coupled with full payroll tax services.

Payday, The Easy Way

  • Integrated with HR, Benefits & Time

  • Quarterly and Year-End Reporting

  • Employee self service & expense tracking

  • Configurable GL Export

  • Electronic State & Federal W-4s

  • Garnishment Administration

  • Unlimited On and Off Cycle Payrolls

  • Delivered Best-Practice Reports

  • Tax Calculations & Updates

  • Automated Salaried Proration

  • Tax Filing

  • Mobile 1099s and W-2s

Time is Money

  • Web Punch

  • Point/Occurrence Tracking

  • Online Timesheets

  • Meal Break Rules

  • Mobile & Kiosk Time Entry

  • Scheduling

  • Physical/BiometricClocks

  • Shift Swap/Drop

  • Overtime Rules

  • Delivered Best Practice Reports

  • Audit Trails

  • Mass Updates

Inconsistent and inaccurate payroll can quickly lead to waning employee and leadership trust. When your workforce relies on their paycheck being deposited on time, everytime — mistakes aren’t something you can afford.

When you trust in Namely, your workforce will trust in you.

Personal Payroll data

Employees have everything they need in one place. From updating direct deposit information to viewing their last paystub. Empower your people with access.

Personal Payroll Data

Employees have everything they need in one place. From updating direct deposit information to viewing their last paystub. Empower your people with access.

The Payroll Dashboard provides payroll administrators with a home base for all things pay-related. Get a quick view of all the important information you need

Payroll as easy as 1 -2- 3! We designed a simple three step process to complete your processing accurately and on time

View and manage your entire hourly workforce in one robust dashboard. Easily spot and action approaching OT, tardies, late approvals, and more

Employees can easily enter time from a desktop, kiosk, mobile app, biometric clock, and more. Track time however your business needs

We process more than $12 billion in annual payroll in all 50 states

Payroll System Time & Attendance

Say goodbye to second guessing and triple checking. With Namely, you’ve entered a new era of payroll confidence and consistency.

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