Time & Attendance,
seamlessly integrated with your HR

Paying your hourly employees shouldn’t require extra effort. With Namely, seamlessly track and pull hours directly into your payroll for automatic calculation.

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Time & Attendance

Manage Your Hourly Workforce with Confidence

Integrated Platform

Namely’s all-in-one solution seamlessly pulls hours from timesheets into your payroll for efficient processing.


Digital or Physical Time Clocks

Whether your company requires electronic timesheets or physical time clocks, Namely has you covered.


Robust Analytics

Easily track time and attendance while reducing manual work, minimizing compliance risks, and increasing employee productivity.


See how Namely helps you manage your hourly workforce with confidence.

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Time & Attendance Software Features

Online Time Tracking

Cloud-based software allows employees to manage time online.

Physical Time Clocks

Employees can punch-in using a PIN, fingerprint, ID card, and more.

Mobile Time Tracking Software

Create geo-fenced locations where employees clock in.


Create and manage employee schedules in real-time.


Manage overtime hours and missed punches to ensure compliance.

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