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Labor is a company’s most expensive line item and it’s made even bigger when you have unnecessary overtime costs, employee time theft, and buddy punching. Namely has a time and attendance tracking software that cuts down on this line item and ensures your team isn’t searching for missed punches and manager approvals before processing payroll. We simplify the tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance.

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Manage time by exceptions! Exceptions are at the forefront of the Namely time tracking app so managers and admins can view unapproved hours, missed punches, and tardiness with ease inside our HR software platform.

Automate Time & Attendance Tracking

If you’re paying employees when they aren’t working, you’re wasting money. That shouldn’t be a surprise to any business manager. What is surprising is the $373 million a year business owners spend from employees buddy punching.

Automating time and attendance tracking ensures your employees are only getting paid for the time they spend on the job. Time and attendance software helps prevent employees from clocking in for one another and can save you company thousands of dollars every year.

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Time is Literally Money

Hourly employees are paid for overtime, even if their managers don’t approve of it. This can have a drastic impact on your compensation budget. Fortunately, there’s a way to manage overtime requests and approvals while curbing overall spend.

Automatic employee time tracking for overtime and manager approvals makes it easy to see which employees can take overtime through the manager dashboard and which employees have hit their maximum amount of hours for the pay period. The manager dashboard gives your managers the ability to track hours towards a job or project, edit and update requests in mass, and schedule reports.

Multiple Ways to Track Time and Attendance

Employees who are in the field or traveling often need a different time tracking system than those who are in the office. Namely offers your employees multiple ways through our employee time tracking app to track time so they can easily clock in and out.

Having physical, kiosk, web, and mobile employee time tracking software supplies your employees with the flexibility they need in their day-to-day activities. This freedom makes time and attendance tracking easier for employees and reporting easier for managers.

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