Namely License and Notice Provisions –
Third-Party Partnerships

Services Covered

This documentation is applicable to the Subscription(s), Professional Service or Implementation service as described in Attachment 1 to the Terms and as indicated on the applicable Order Form (collectively, the “Covered Services”) as sold by Namely, Inc. or a Namely subsidiary or affiliate (“Namely”) and provided by certain third-party providers, including but not limited to ThinkHR, JazzHR, and TimeClock Plus. The Covered Services are subject to the policies and restrictions described herein whether sold in conjunction or separately with other Subscription offerings. This documentation identifies and describes the application of third-party terms and conditions, features, restrictions and notices associated with any:

  • Covered Services functionality that allows users to interact with third-party products,services or platforms external to the Namely.com platform;
  • Data sourced from third-parties and provided to users via the Covered Services;
  • Desktop and mobile software applications provided in connection with the Covered Services.

Your use of such Covered Services constitute your agreement to be bound by this documentation and the third-party terms and conditions that apply to the Covered Services as detailed below. Use of the Namely platform is exclusively governed by Namely Terms and Conditions and any additional terms incorporated by reference (collectively, “the Terms”), including, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, all limitations of liability contained therein.

Customer Data

This documentation and notice do not modify Namely’s obligations with respect to your Client Data as defined in Namely’s Terms.

Third-Party Platforms

The Covered Services allow users to access and interact with third-party products, services, and platforms, including non-Namely applications and servers operated by or on behalf of you to perform the Covered Services (collectively, “Third-Party Platforms”). Third-Party Platforms are controlled and operated by entities independent of Namely. Your purchase of Covered Services by Namely:

  • Provides you with the ability to access and use the Covered Services, subject to the third-party terms and conditions, including any license restrictions and pursuant to the Term as described in your Order Form.

Covered Services may require:

  • Customers to enable certain permissions to access Third-Party Platforms and corresponding services (including Third-Party Platform features and support);
  • The collection, processing, and storage of information or content, including your personal data as may be required to enable Third-Party Platform use (including information otherwise classified as “Client Data” pursuant to Namely’s Terms).

Your use of the Covered Services constitutes your acknowledgement that you are solely responsible for:

  • Any information accessed by your users to any Third-Party Platform;
  • Your users’ interactions or communications with third-parties through and by any Third-Party Platforms;
  • Transactions carried out by third-parties for collateral or ancillary services not sold, supported, or distributed by Namely.


Subject to JazzHR Terms of Service, available Covered Services include an applicant tracking system and recruitment software to personalize the recruitment process and create customizable assets to aid candidate experience, including (sold separately): JazzHR Plus – Offers, job posting and syndication, applicant tracking, and interviews and assessments. JazzHR Pro – Offers, job posting and syndication, applicant tracking, interviews and assessments, offer letters, and reporting.


Subject to MINERAL Terms of Service, available Related Covered Services include compliance and end-to-end risk management solutions, including (sold separately): Comply Database – a searchable library of high quality content combining expert analysis of employment laws and regulations, best practice information, and intuitive tools that are designed to help keep organizations compliant. Comply Action and Advice – a comprehensive portfolio of HR compliance solutions and services that includes access to live expert advisors, a learning management system with delivered content, a living handbook creator, and OSHA logs and reports. system with delivered content, a living handbook creator, and OSHA logs and reports. Tell US –- a platform to report a workplace inciddent or issue, such as sexual harassment, unsafe conditions, financial and auditing concerns, theft, bribery, substance abuse, and similar matter in a confidential manner.


Subject to TimeClock Plus Terms of Service, available Related Covered Services include: Time – Time and attendance software for hourly employees


Subject to Touchcare’s Terms of Service, available covered services include healthcare concierge services, including but not limited to identifying and reconciling billing issues, finding and coordinating with insurance providers, coordinating with applicable insurance providers, prescription drug management, and selecting healthcare coverages for employees.