Single System of Record,
built as HR’s source of truth

With Namely, easily find, update, and report on all your HR, benefits, and payroll data from one user-friendly platform.

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Single System of Record Features

Employee Data Management

Maintain fundamental employee data like address changes, name changes, and more.

Lifecycle Management

Keep your termination, promotion, onboarding, and rehire data in one centralized location.

Streamlined Integrations

Data flows quickly and easily between Namely and its many integration partners.

Simplified Data Reporting

Accurately report on HR, benefits, and payroll information across your organization.

See how Namely can become your single source of truth for all your HR data.

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Why Clients Love Namely for Data Management

Trish Swope

Director of HR,
Archer Malmo

trish swope
“Having all hr, payroll and benefits information in one place, accessible for reporting and analyzing has made a world of difference. Not only does Namely save time, but better decisions can be made (and made faster) around benefits and all sorts of human-centric things."
Danielle Bensignor

Manager of Talent Management, ExecOnline

danielle besignor
“Through Namely, I can easily store and access everything in one place. From payroll and benefits to performance management and reporting, Namely streamlines all of our HR processes, and that is invaluable to me. Having everything in one centralized location is crucial.”
Adrian Gajda

People Manager,
Vita Coco

“Namely is truly a one-stop-shop for all HR processes. From basic HR data, performance reviews, time off, compliance, and analytics, Namely provides my team with a modern and intuitive experience. As an admin, I’m able to empower our employees to be at the helm of their HR information.”