People Operations Platform

Flexible and powerful cloud HR software for mid-sized companies. Personal and engaging for employees.


Modern HR Features

Employee Database

A centralized, flexible system of record for all your employee data.

Social News Feed

Stay up to date on everything going on in your company.

Mobile App

Put the whole company at your fingertips—anytime, anywhere.

Custom Profiles

Configure employee profiles with any fields your company needs.

Org Charts

Instantly find coworkers and see where they fit in.


Unlock insights from your HR data with powerful dashboards.

Time Off Tracking

Configure time off plans, and manage requests easily.

Learn More about Time Off Tracking


Track key events—birthdays, time off, and more—on the company calendar.


Streamline paperwork through the employee lifecycle.

Roles and Permissions

Give everyone access to the data they need–and only that data.


Automate approvals for salary changes, promotions, and more.

HR Compliance Database

Access the tools and information HR professionals need to remain compliant.

A beautiful mobile experience for you and your employees.

Social and engaging—unlike any other cloud HR platform.

  • Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Share companywide announcements
  • Upload photos, videos, and GIFs


You’ll have a team of experts committed to your success with Namely.

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