Performance Review Software

Track employee performance through reviews and 360-degree feedback.

A company’s success relies on its employees’ success, but measuring employee performance can be a time-consuming and difficult process for HR practitioners. Take the pain out of performance reviews with Namely’s Performance Review and Management solution. Our performance review software integrates 360 degree feedback into your company culture and allows your employees to be recognized properly for their hard work.

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Performance Management Features

Onboarding with E-Signature

Paperless and self-serve, so employees can dive in on their first day.


Manage goals from the company level down to every employee.

Employee Performance Management Software

Simplify assessment cycles with intuitive forms.

Automated Review Cycles

Easily collect answers from managers, employees, and peers.


Define competencies, and pull them directly into performance.


Track complex processes in any department.


Recognize great work in the feed, and access appreciation during reviews.

Configurable Templates

Evaluate your employees in a way that fits your talent management strategy.

Unlimited Reviews

Run performance assessments whenever your business needs.

Performance review software that makes conducting reviews and feedback painless.

Tracking employee performance should be seamless and effective. Namely’s performance management and review software is designed to save time for HR staff, allowing you to conveniently measure employee performance over time, encourage peer reviews among coworkers, and, most importantly, make your employees feel valued.

Capture 360 feedback in HR Systems

In addition to managers exchanging feedback with their employees, it’s essential that employees have the opportunity to provide feedback for their coworkers as well. Namely’s HR software enables 360 feedback on employee performance through its flexible built-in news feed. When employees want to recognize one of their peers, they can visit the news feed to post a public employee shout out. The Namely news feed is designed to cultivate a culture that keeps employees engaged and continuously growing.

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When it comes to performance reviews, consistency is key.

Using an inconsistent process to record performance reviews is frustrating and inefficient. With Namely’s performance management software, you can adopt a centralized process that tracks employee’s results over time in one place. Our review cycles enable you to simplify the performance management process altogether.

Simplify your employee’s experience.

Performance reviews can be exhausting to complete. To simplify your employee’s experience, Namely’s HR software platform is easy to navigate, empowering managers and employees to conduct concise reviews. Whether it is receiving a performance review from a manager or an employee appreciation post from a coworker, employees feel valued and recognized for their hard work through Namely’s HR performance management software.

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