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Employee Onboarding

A powerful onboarding process for new employees begins before their first day. With Namely, you can automate employee onboarding and focus less on the tasks and more on engagement. Namely’s employee onboarding software helps automate tasks, safely stores new hire forms, helps collect electronic signatures, and helps keep you compliant with a delivered integration to E-Verify. Namely gives you the time to establish your company culture and welcome new hires before they even start.

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From New Hire to High Performer

Great First Impressions Made Easy

Employee onboarding is about more than just collecting information. First impressions will make a lasting impact on your employees’ perspective of the organization. Namely offers employee onboarding software designed to provide a smooth, streamlined, and personalized start for your new hires.

From a branded welcome message to an easy wizard-driven process, employees will feel at ease and excited to start. With our flexible roles and permissions, you can even give them pre-hire security access to view the org chart and read about upcoming activities so they feel engaged and connected to the culture before day 1!

Powerful & Paperless

Say goodbye to the days of manual paperwork and disjointed systems. With Namely, you get a completely paperless, end-to-end onboarding process. From collecting signatures on important company documents to reminding the new hire to enroll in benefits, we have you covered.

Namely’s onboarding software delivers powerful eSignature functionality with necessary forms delivered out of the box. All completed documents are automatically stored on their unique employee profile–giving you an organized record for every employee that you can access at any time. In addition, new hire onboarding sessions can automatically assign and notify other employees of tasks such as ordering new equipment or creating a 90-day action plan.

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Simple New Hire Data Collection

When a new employee joins your organization, there is a lot of data you want to capture. From emergency contacts and marital status to state-required onboarding documentation, it is critical that you have accurate information on your workforce. Namely onboarding makes new hire data collection a breeze. With configurable templates, you can gather all of the required data points plus any custom information you may be interested in. Want to know their shirt size for a first day swag box? Maybe you want their favorite coffee order to ensure they have a hot cup ready on day 1? Whatever unique data you need to uplevel the employee experience, you can capture (and report on!). New hire data collection is no longer a nightmare with Namely!

Personalized Onboarding Experiences

We all know that in an increasingly diverse and remote workforce, one size does not fit all. Namely gives you the ability to provide a personal onboarding experience for each new hire. With the ability to configure unlimited onboarding templates, tailor a personalized welcome message, and create new hire tasks, you can ensure your onboarding process meets the needs of every team and location.

The data and documents needed per person may vary, but your reliable and streamlined onboarding solution doesn’t have to.

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Compliance Resources Keeping You One Step Ahead

Compliance requirements start from the get-go when it comes to employee data. Namely makes it easy for you to leverage our tools to remain in compliance. Securely store new hire forms within Namely and ensure employment eligibility with a delivered E-Verify integration. All eSignature forms are automatically stored on the employee profile making it easy to access historical forms for compliance purposes. Reduce administrative burden and stay in compliance with Namely’s onboarding software.

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Set Up New Hires For Success
From Day One With Namely

Join other innovative organizations empowering their workforce with Namely’s employee onboarding software!

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“Through Namely’s onboarding solution, new hires receive a welcome email, fill out all of their information, and sign forms via eSignature before their first day.”

— ContinuEd
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“Namely has enabled us to go from a very manual onboarding process to a streamlined, paperless one. Now, it’s so much easier for our team to get new hires ready. ”

— Affinivax

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