HR Reporting Software

Dive head-first into valuable people insights when you streamline your reporting process with Namely. Our HR analytics software will evaluate your employee metrics to deliver insights in a beautiful, presentation-ready PDF. Make intelligent decisions with sophisticated data gathered with the ease of a drag and drop tool. Plus, Namely’s reporting tool is included as a standardized feature in our HR reporting software. See how simple reporting can be with a free demo.

See Namely’s Reporting Software
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Ease Your Reporting Processes

Automate your HR reporting processes, gain full visibility into your company, and access a one-click census with Namely’s all-in-one HR analytics software. Once you experience our simple, yet sophisticated, platform, you’ll wonder how you reported before it.

ACA Made Simple

From determining employee’s benefits eligibility under the Affordable Care Act to generating pre-filled reports, Namely makes ACA reporting easy. Plus, our HR reporting software will even submit necessary reports on your behalf.

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Reduce Manual Labor

Leverage the power of automation to reduce the number of hours your employees spend on busywork with our HR analytics software. By opting into scheduled reports, you’ll receive automated tried and true insights on the day and time requested.

Manage Employee Requests

When year-end requests hit your inbox, Namely has you covered. Grant access to current and past employees to download their pay stubs and W2s. Say goodbye to distracting administrative work.

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