Your Company. Your Culture. Your HR.

Graduate from your PEO to grow your business with an owned HR strategy.

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PEOs have their place. But as your business grows, it’s time to take back control of how you handle everything from employee benefits to company culture.

Partner with Namely to graduate from your expensive, cumbersome PEO and modernize your HR with an intuitive, all-in-one platform and enhanced services.

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Why make the move?

Lower Costs

As your company grows, it is more cost-effective to move off of a PEO, while still benefiting from enhanced services.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Create custom, world-class employee benefits programs to attract the best people.

Engage Your Employees

Engaged employees perform 35% higher*. Cultivate culture with our company newsfeed, appreciations, and goal tracking.

Get Modern Technology

Our intuitive platform enables you to make data-driven decisions and streamline your HR processes.

Be Ready for Growth

With years of experience and best practices, the Namely team can easily help navigate the transition from a PEO.

Enhanced Services

Take payroll and/or benefits completely off your plate with our managed services enhancements.

How to Leave a PEO Guide

PEO Graduation Plan

Phase 1




Let us take on the headache of pulling the necessary data from your PEO

We make it easy to launch with delivered best practices & personalized PEO transition support

Phase 2




Go live with our intuitive, all-in-one HR technology

Leverage our enhanced services designed specifically for clients leaving PEOs

Phase 3




Experience high employee adoption and increased engagement

Achieve your innovative and owned HR strategy

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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"As a growing company, we wanted to stay away from PEOs because we needed a solution that could support fast growth. When Namely kept coming up in our search for top HRIS software, we looked further into the solution and were so impressed by how cutting-edge it was. We could see that Namely’s technology was up to date and constantly improving, so we were excited to partner with a newer platform that we could grow with."

— Danielle Bensignor, Manager of Talent Management & People Operations at ExecOnline

"Prior to Namely, we were using ADP’s PEO and looking for a more modern, customizable HRIS platform. We wanted a platform that also had some of our must-have features, including a system Praetorian could grow with, a customizable and streamlined platform, and accessible customer support."

— Christopher Frakes, Chief of Staff of People Operations at Praetorian Security

"We didn’t have an HRIS, so the PEO solution was just somewhere we stored all of our employee information. This was frustrating because as your company grows, employees look for a centralized spot to access their benefits, payroll, and performance reviews. Both our employees and HR team wanted to have everything in one place. We needed a solution that could grow with us."

— Danielle Bensignor, Manager of Talent Management & People Operations at ExecOnline

"When looking for a new HR software, our one goal was to bring the HR function in-house. We were tired of working with a PEO and needed a team of HR pros who understood our business and could own strategic HR projects."

— Kelly Gliatta, VP of Talent at WorkWave

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What’s Included With Our PEO Graduation Package?

Specialized Implementation
Full Suite Technology
Enhanced Services
  • Data Migration Services to easily move current and historical data from your PEO to Namely
  • Proven implementation process with delivered best practices coupled with your unique configuration requirements
  • Custom Namely training for your employees and managers to ensure adoption
  • Additional post go-live support to orient you to life after a PEO
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