Sign Documents Online with E-Signature

Cluttered, chaotic, and confusing. These words can often describe an HR department’s signature system. Now, you can turn that paper mess into paperless bliss with Namely’s e-signature software. By allowing your employees to sign documents online, your HR department will see a quicker turnaround in the documentation process and spend less time filing that pesky paperwork. Bonus: Our online self-service HR platform give your employees access to their signed documents at all times.

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Just Sign on the Dotted Line

In just a few steps, your employees can sign their name on the dotted line with our e-signature software. With our signature callout function, your employees will be able to complete the paperwork quickly. Plus, all terms and agreements must be completed before the form is submitted to HR, taking quality assurance out of their hands.

The Opportunities are Endless

From IRS Form W-4 to USCIS Form I-9, Namely’s electronic signature tool can handle all of your required administrative paperwork. We don’t stop there, though. Upload your company-specific documents to our HR platform to have your employees sign on their understanding of the employee handbook, photo release forms, and even liability forms for the company hosted sports. The opportunities are next to endless with Namely.

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Reduce the Chaos in HR

With our paperless software, employees can sign documents online. In turn, you’ll see a quick response time, reduced clutter in your file cabinets, and added time back in your schedule. Remove the cluttered chaos of physical paperwork with our e-signature software.

Access in the Portal

Each document an employee signs using our e-signature software is automatically stored in the administrative dashboard. That way, you’ll spend less time filing paperwork and more time on helping those employees. Plus, because we strongly believe in the power of self-service HR, employees are also able to access their signed documents through their portal.

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