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Streamline your employee onboarding process with engaging, automated HR software.

There are few things more rewarding than welcoming a new class of hires, but HR professionals also know that first days bring a series of challenges. If not done correctly, the onboarding process can result in huge costs like turnover and job performance issues. Simplify your company’s onboarding process and give your employees a top-notch experience with Namely’s employee onboarding software.

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Onboarding software that sets HR and employees up for success.

The onboarding experience is crucial to an employee’s success at your company. With Namely’s onboarding software, you can provide your new hires with a seamless experience that helps them assimilate into your company from day one.

Streamline your onboarding process.

Between meeting coworkers, learning company terminology, and navigating through office floor plans, starting a job is all about embracing new concepts. Namely’s streamlined HRsoftware platform simplifies the employee onboarding process by keeping all of this introductory information in one centralized place. With Namely, employees can review company documents, sign required paperwork with eSignatures, and enroll in benefits in one easy to use solution. From hire to retire, Namely’s HR onboarding software will ensure that your employees are taken care of.


Say goodbye to paperwork.

Manual onboarding processes are paper-heavy and unproductive. Namely’s automated employee onboarding software is entirely paperless and organizes your people data with partner integrations, configurable workflows, and data flow to payroll and benefits all within the same platform. Using Namely’s seamless HR software platform saves you time, enabling you to focus on actually getting to know your new hires.

Liven up employee onboarding.

Employee onboarding should exemplify a company’s unique quirks and initiatives. Namely’s employee onboarding solutions liven up your employees’ onboarding process by adding a personal touch with custom fields and templates. With our flexible onboarding tools, you can personalize employees’ first days by asking them for their T-shirt size, lunch order, or any other questions you may have. Namely’s customizable HR onboarding software makes employees feel at home, right from the beginning.