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How WorkWave Took HR to the Next Level With Namely

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About WorkWave

WorkWave empowers service-oriented companies to reach their full potential through scalable, cloud-based software solutions that support every stage of the business lifecycle. It is a trusted partner for thousands of customers across a wide variety of industries, including pest control, lawn care, cleaning, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, and last mile delivery.

  • WorkWave’s HQ is located in New Jersey, and has offices in North Carolina, and Italy.
  • WorkWave knows that for service-oriented companies, there are many steps of their business journey - from signing new customers, delivering service in the field, to invoicing and everything in between. It also knows that gaining new customers requires even more: brand awareness, digital marketing and lead generation. With WorkWave’s powerful SaaS software solutions, its customers get more than just software, they get a partner helping them reach their full potential. WorkWave has gained significant recognition over the past year including being recognized by FeaturedCustomers as a 2019 Top Performer for Fleet Management Software, the 2019 SaaS Award for Shipping, Inventory and Vehicle Logistics, the American Business Awards, Best in Biz Awards, and more!
  • At the heart of WorkWave’s company culture is its dedication to helping its employees reach their full potential by growing professionally, personally, and financially. The company is also passionate about volunteering in its community, and each year, WorkWave’s employees actively participate in charitable causes and events. From donating bicycles to the Ronald McDonald House children to participating in Fulfill food drives, WorkWave is constantly reaching out a helping hand.
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Meet Kelly

Kelly Gliatta, VP of Talent

Before diving into her first role as a Customer Service Representative at WorkWave, Kelly graduated from Georgian Court University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Like many HR professionals, Kelly “fell in” to HR. After working her way up the company, Kelly spent five years as the company’s VP of Support, while WorkWave continued to grow. Before long, it was time for WorkWave to bring HR in-house and Kelly was asked to switch gears from overseeing Customer Service to building out the HR department. “For me it felt like a very natural transition because HR is like internal customer service. Before I was in charge of keeping our clients happy, now I have to ensure our employees are happy.”

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WorkWave's Challenges

“We hit the point where we were big enough that we wanted—and needed—to have an internal HR team and software to support it.”

Before transitioning to Namely, WorkWave was using a PEO solution. When looking for a new HR software, Kelly explained that “our one goals was bringing the HR function in-house.”

While looking for a PEO-alternative, Kelly’s main concerns were finding an HR solution that would give her more visibility into employee data, help improve employee engagement, and streamline manual payroll processes. Finding an HR solution that simultaneously solved these challenges was her top priority.

WorkWave's wishlist:

+ Visibility Into Employee Data

With the PEO WorkWave was using, Kelly and her team had issues pulling reports and using time sheets. She wanted to find a solution that could provide HR with such easy visibility into each employee’s information to simplify payroll and reporting.

+ Employee Engagement

Because WorkWave’s previous PEO was confusing to use, employees rarely logged in. When looking for new HR software, Kelly prioritized finding a platform that “employees would love using.” She wanted a user-friendly solution that would be easy-to-use and keep employees engaged.

+ Intuitive Payroll Solution

WorkWave wanted a payroll solution that could accommodate all or their unique needs and cut down on processing time. “With our PEO, we actually had to create a Word Document of all our payroll exceptions and send them over to our account owner who would have to go in and manually add them. It was a very time-consuming and manual process that took my team away from other pressing matters” Kelly wanted a system that could pull in deductions and garnishments directly from an employee’s profile, enabling her team to process payroll internally, while saving them time and effort.

The evaluation

The Journey to Find the Right HR Solution

Throughout the search process, Kelly was determined to find the best fit HR solution for WorkWave. Kelly evaluated several solutions, including ADP, Paychex, and Insperity, but Namely is the solution that stuck out the most. “Throughout the sales process, our Namely sales rep was so genuine and straightforward about what the system could and couldn’t do. Working at a software company, we wanted to make sure we were getting what we were promised.”

When it came to evaluating the Namely platform, Kelly was impressed that the HR system was fully integrated. She recognized that Namely’s various applications, like payroll and timesheets, were “all intertwined in one application and each part of the system looked the same and was already communicating with each other.”

What was it that sealed the deal for Kelly? “For me, the selling point of the platform was the ease of use. I knew immediately Namely was going to be easy for our employees and HR administrators to use. That ease of use across the board was tremendous and made picking Namely a no-brainer.”

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The ROI of Using Namely

Since partnering with WorkWave, we’ve enhanced its employees’ experience - and Kelly’s too.

“I think it’s so great to have a team at Namely that understands the ins-and-outs of not only the product, but also about how we want to run our business.”

Bonus: Unparalleled Customer Support

Since adopting Namely, WorkWave recognizes that our top priority is ensuring our client experience is seamless. Namely makes it easy for clients to access our HR professionals via email, phone call, and the new Namely Help Community. “If we call the Customer Support team we receive great service, but we find that we rarely even have to,” said Kelly. “We can just send an email saying ‘here’s the issue we’re having’ and they’re quick to respond. They give you full details and instructions, anything from ‘the best way to handle something’ from a payroll perspective to ‘the quickest way to run a report.”

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“Namely really helped us think big picture when it comes to HR.”


As an HR administrator, Kelly has seen several improvements since WorkWave implemented Namely. Since WorkWave’s previous HR solution made it difficult to view employee data, Kelly now loves having first-hand access to her employees’ data directly through Namely’s platform.

As for efficiency, Kelly vouches that Namely’s platform has increased her HR department’s productivity. “We use Namely’s task feature to prioritize my team’s daily to-do list,” says Kelly. “For example, when a new hire joins the company, we make sure that each person on my team knows what their action items are to get them up and running. From updating the seating chart to activating their building badge, we make sure everyone knows how they contribute to ensuring a new hire has a good and smooth onboarding experience.”

Since WorkWave is a global company, Namely’s HR solution also helps connect employees in different offices. When scrolling through the platform, employees can see what new hires are joining and who has upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries. Employees can also review the company org chart, look up their coworkers contact information, and share their appreciation for their teammates both near and far on the company newsfeed.

WorkWave is one of more than 1,400 companies that use Namely to streamline people operations, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance needs.