HR Case Study

How FreightWaves Gets HR New Hires Up to Speed & Saves Time With Namely

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    Tech & Media
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    Chattanooga, TN
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    191+ employees

About Company

As the world’s leading supply chain intelligence platform, FreightWaves enables companies involved in the $9.6T global logistics market to benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast. More than one million professionals and 500+ global enterprises use FreightWaves to make informed decisions about their current and future supply chain operations.

  • FreightWaves is based in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a work-from-home-first company, with employees located in over 28 states.
  • For the past few years, FreightWaves has given out the FreightTech Award–which honors innovation and disruption within the freight industry. After nominees are narrowed down to the FreightTech 100, a hand-picked peer group of CEOs, industry leaders, and investors select the FreightTech 25. In addition to the FreightTech Award, FreightWaves also gives out the Shipper of Choice Award every year to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who do the best job of keeping the American economy moving.
  • FreightWaves prides itself on having driven, curious, and resourceful employees who are not afraid to fail. At FreightWaves, employees aren’t disrupting an industry–they’re creating a new one.
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Meet the Team

Nicole Duquette, Senior Director of People

With 20 years of experience in the HR field under her belt, Nicole joined FreightWaves in January of 2022 as the Senior Director of People.

Nicole Duquette

Kristie Hughes, Human Resources Generalist

Like Nicole, Kristie joined FreightWaves in January of 2022. From onboarding and offboarding to processing payroll, Kristie’s role covers a range of HR functions.

Namely’s New Admin Package

“Namely’s New Admin Training is definitely worthwhile.”

Since Nicole and Kristie had never used Namely before they joined FreightWaves, it was brand new to them. That’s why having them go through Namely’s New Admin Training was a no brainer.

To help clients teach new hires on their HR team how to navigate the platform, Namely released its New Admin Package. This personalized training teaches new HR administrators the ins and outs of Namely. By pairing them with a designated Project Manager and team of subject matter experts, the training helps them get up and running in as little as 4 weeks.

“The New Admin Training gives you a headstart of learning the Namely basics, while also showing you parts of the solution that you may not have discovered on your own,” Nicole explained. “Our Project Manager was very involved throughout the process and regularly checked in with us. It was really nice to have someone checking in that often and making sure we covered everything we needed to know. The sessions were all timed really well, too!”

“Before the training, I figured out a few features of the platform because it’s so user-friendly,” Kristie added. “But now that I’ve gone through the New Admin Training, I feel really confident when navigating Namely.”

The Solution

The ROI of Using Namely

From simplifying payroll processing to automatically pulling important HR data, Namely has saved FreightWaves valuable time.


“Namely is so user-friendly for both HR administrators and employees.”

Considering Namely?
Here’s what Nicole and Kristie have to say:

“Namely is a great product,” Nicole stated. “Whether you are an HR administrator or employee, you can easily navigate the platform. The feedback that we receive from our employees is always positive. We utilize Namely’s Resources tab to share various things with them, so they can find and reference all of it on their own.”

“Our employees also interact with each other on Namely’s newsfeed,” Kristie added. “When employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries are automatically posted on the newsfeed, they always comment on them. Namely really is easy and enjoyable to use for everyone.”

Namely has helped FreightWaves simplify HR. Ready to see how it can do the same at your company? Request a call today.