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How Formativ Health Streamlined Multi-State HR With Namely

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About Formativ Health

Formativ Health transforms the patient-provider healthcare experience through a variety of technology-enabled services. By integrating this technology and service with their existing Electronic Health Records or Practice Management Systems, physicians can deliver a high-touch consumer experience to every one of their patients. Formativ Health helps clients engage their patients throughout their lifetime of care, starting with the very first phone call.

  • Formativ Health is headquartered in Florida and has an office in New York. The company also has remote workers in New York, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.
  • Recently, Formativ Health has been recognized as the 2018 American Business Awards’ Silver Stevie Award Winner, the 2018 eHealthcare Leadership Awards’ Platinum Winner, and the 2018 CEO World Awards’ Gold Winner of Startup of the Year.
  • Formativ Health’s employees are more than workers; they’re teammates. And for these teammates, ‘empathy’ and ‘respect’ are more than core values; they’re a way of life—from their culture to the facilitation of interactions between patients and physicians.
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Meet Sara

Sara Lee, HR Generalist

Ten years ago, Sara handled medical records in a doctor’s office before moving her way into scheduling and billing. After her office was acquired by a larger company, she was given an opportunity to explore the management side of doctor office practices.

But after only a few weeks of training, Sara realized that this new role required some background in HR. To gain more experience, she moved into the HR department.

“It was supposed to be a temporary work-study program, but I fell in love with HR and decided to stay in the department. That was five years ago, and I’ve been in HR at Formativ Health ever since.”

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Formativ Health’s Challenges

“Our biggest challenges at the time were unstreamlined payroll, cumbersome reporting, and the lack of a user-friendly interface.”

Before implementing Namely, Formativ Health was using Ultimate Software. With this vendor, Sara’s HR team struggled with their HR. They found that the platform wasn’t user-friendly, especially when it came to processing payroll and reporting.

Sara and her team knew they had to pivot to find a partner that fit all their needs.

While searching for a solution, Sara’s top priority was finding a product that was easy to use for everyone.

“We wanted every teammate at Formativ Health to be able to navigate through our HR solution without having to ask our HR team for help.”

Formativ Health’s wishlist:

+ User-Friendly Features

Since Formativ Health’s previous tech wasn’t user-friendly, Sara was looking for “a solution that was straightforward and intuitive to use, whether you’re an administrator, manager, or teammate.”

+ Simplified Multi-State Payroll

“As a multi-state employer, doing taxes is difficult enough, but using a cumbersome system made it even more challenging,” Sara explained. “Especially since two of the states that our employees are located in do not have any state taxes, while the others states have several different ones. We knew we needed a solution that was equipped to handle the complications that come along with having offices and employees in many states.”

+ Customizable Reports

Since Sara’s role heavily involves tracking metrics, she was searching for a platform that had intuitive reporting features. “We needed a solution that not only made reporting easy, but also customizable.”

The evaluation

The Search for an Intuitive HR Solution

Formativ Health was considering other HR solutions, such as Paycom, when the company’s CEO came across Namely. Since one of their biggest pain points with Ultimate was the lack of user-friendly and streamlined features, Formativ Health was especially impressed with Namely’s engaging, intuitive platform.

Sara particularly loved the platform’s reporting capabilities.

“Reporting through Namely is very customizable without being cumbersome. When evaluating the solution, I loved that you can easily run reports by creating custom fields. In fact, when we had our initial call with Namely, the team showed us a demo of the reporting feature, and I literally started to cry because I thought to myself, ‘My life is about to become so much easier.’”

As a multi-state employer, Formativ Health also recognized that Namely helps manage employees across state lines—and keep them connected, no matter where they are.

“Our teammates live in several different states, so one part of Namely’s platform that caught our attention was how easy it is to adjust profiles and reports based on which states they are located in. For example, if we want to post an announcement or create a field on Namely that only applies to our Florida teammates, we can customize it so that it only pops up on their feeds.”

After evaluating all of these features, Formativ Health confidently chose Namely as its new HR software.

See how you can check all the boxes with Namely. Schedule a demo today.

The Solution

The ROI of Using Namely

From its intuitive interface to its time-saving functions, Namely’s platform has revamped Formativ Health’s employee experience—and Sara’s, too.

“Namely’s customer service is fantastic. Their support team could not be better at its job.”

Bonus: Unparalleled Customer Support

From day one of implementation, it was clear to Sara that delivering an unparalleled client experience is Namely’s number one priority.

“I’ve implemented several systems over the years, but Namely’s Implementation Team was the best I’ve ever dealt with by far. I absolutely loved our implementation specialist; he was phenomenal and helped us feel very secure about transferring our data from our previous system into Namely. Our payroll implementation specialist was also fantastic because she fully understood multi-state payroll, which was key to starting us on the right foot with the platform.”

Since implementation, Sara has continued to see Namely’s dedication to supporting its clients in action.

“No matter what department I need to contact, whether it’s benefits, payroll, or general customer support, I always get connected to the right person. Even if the first person I speak with isn’t fully equipped to answer my question, it takes 10 seconds for them to connect me with the expert who can.”

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“Namely is incredibly straightforward and easy to use.”


“It’s so simple to set up integrations, such as JazzHR and Culture Amp, run reports and audits, and streamline HR processes, like onboarding. The solution is also responsive and makes changes in ‘real time’. If I go into the system to change something, I never have to tell my employees, ‘I’ll let you know when the system updates’, because the changes are made immediately.”

Formativ Health is one of more than 1,400 companies that use Namely to streamline people operations, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance needs.