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How ExecOnline Transformed Benefits Administration With Namely

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About ExecOnline

ExecOnline delivers online leadership development solutions that solve organizations’ business needs. By partnering with top global business schools, ExecOnline helps clients transform their leadership development programs to keep up with the fast pace of business and focus on measurable goals. ExecOnline’s expert advisors work with clients to design solutions in order to meet their specific objectives and make the largest possible impact on their organization.

  • ExecOnline is headquartered in New York and has offices in D.C. and San Francisco. The company also has remote workers located across the country.
  • At ExecConnect, ExecOnline’s annual NY conference, the company presents the recipients of its Impact Awards. From the Excellence in Inclusion and Diversity award to the Learning Organization of the Year, ExecOnline's Impact Awards recognize companies who have gone above and beyond to prioritize leadership development at all levels of their organization. These awards exemplify ExecOnline's genuine care for its clients’ success.
  • ExecOnline prides itself on having a diverse and innovative workforce - ranging from employees who are fresh out of college to top professionals who are 30+ years into their careers.
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Meet Danielle

Danielle Bensignor, Manager of Talent Management

Danielle studied Pre-Law in college with plans of going to law school. But before diving further into the field, she decided to change her career path.

“Ultimately I realized law school wasn’t right for me, so I tried to figure out what attracted me to law and what made me no longer want to pursue it. I was originally interested in law because it would enable me to form personal connections with people and help them in situations that required confidentiality and trust. When searching for a field that had this in common, I quickly came across HR. Soon after, I accepted my first HR position as a recruiter at a bank.”

Two years later, Danielle joined ExecOnline as a recruiter and eventually transitioned into an HR generalist role.

“I find that a lot of HR professionals start in recruiting because you get exposure to a lot of different parts of HR. You’re not only recruiting new hires, but you’re also learning about onboarding and the employee lifecycle. Through this role, I realized that I really enjoyed connecting with current employees and decided that I wanted to manage the next part of the employee lifecycle. Now, as ExecOnline’s Manager of Talent Management, I handle everything post recruitment—from the initial offer letter and benefits enrollment to offboarding.”

ExecOnline's Challenges

“We wanted a centralized HRIS that would house all of our needs in one location.”

Before implementing Namely, ExecOnline was using Insperity, a PEO solution. When looking for new HR software, Danielle was searching for a streamlined solution that her employees would love to use.

“We wanted to adopt a user-friendly solution that had an interface that reflected ExecOnline’s branding—clean and easy to use. We were also looking for a platform that was tech-centric and had cutting-edge technology.”

ExecOnline's wishlist:

+ Centralized Solution

“With Insperity, all of our onboarding was decentralized,” Danielle explained. “The PEO solution was just somewhere we stored all of our employee information. This was frustrating because as your company grows, employees look for a centralized spot to access their benefits, payroll, and performance reviews. Both our employees and HR team wanted to have everything in one place. We needed a solution that could grow with us.”

+ Intuitive Interface

When looking for a new solution, Danielle wanted a platform that would enhance her employees’ experience.

“Our previous solution’s interface was not intuitive. It didn’t store any company information, employee benefits, or performance reviews. Our employees couldn’t go into the system and look up another employee’s name or see what office they were in—which was critical because our workforce spreads across the country.

At the end of the day, we wanted an intuitive HR solution that stored resources all of our employees could access. We wanted them to be able to navigate through the platform and figure out how to use it on their own, right away.”

+ Brokerage Partnership

“Insperity would help us create our employee benefits packages, but not at the level that we needed. Our broker would only provide us with one benefits plan option based on our company size. When it came to brokerage, I wanted to have a strong partnership with my Benefits Advisor. With Insperity, it was like a shot in the dark; as much as they were a broker for us, they didn’t provide the personalized services we needed.”

The evaluation

The Search for the Right HRIS Software

While looking for the best fit software, ExecOnline explored several HR solutions—including ADP, JustWorks, Gusto, and Zenefits.

“As a growing company, we needed an HR solution that would support fast growth. Therefore, we sat through many demos of HRIS platforms. When Namely kept coming up in our search for top HRIS software, we looked further into the solution and were so impressed by how cutting-edge it was. We could see that Namely’s technology was up to date and constantly improving, so we were excited to partner with a newer platform that we could grow with.”

When it came to making the final decision, Danielle sat down with ExecOnline’s CEO, Chief Legal and HR Officer, and Director of Talent Management. In the end, ExecOnline confidently decided to adopt Namely.

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The ROI of Using Namely

Namely has simplified ExecOnline’s HR team’s day to day - and its employees’ experience too.

“We leverage our Namely Benefits Advisor as more than just a partner, but also as an extension of our HR team.”

Namely’s Managed Benefits Team

Since adopting Namely, Danielle has transformed the way she offers her employees benefits.

“Using Insperity as our broker was limiting because they would only give us one or two pre-planned benefits packages to choose from. At ExecOnline, we don’t have someone on our HR team designated to handle benefits administration, so we needed a stronger partnership with a broker who understood what our company and employees value when it comes to benefits.

Ever since we were introduced to Namely’s Managed Benefits services, our Benefits Advisor has become part of our HR team. Unlike most brokers, our Benefits Advisor helps us create customizable benefits plans with top carriers. He is flexible and always willing to shop around for us so that we can craft the best benefits package for our employees. This year we decided to stick with the same benefits plan we offered last year, but our Benefits Advisor still conducted a thorough cost-benefit analysis just in case we wanted to alter our package even slightly.”

Danielle also appreciates how much time Namely’s Managed Benefits team has saved her.

“Our Benefits Advisor not only helps us tremendously during open enrollment, but also throughout the entire year. Whenever we have questions that involve carriers, he contacts them directly. Since Namely’s Managed Benefits team has relationships with these carriers, their response time is always prompt.

Overall, Namely’s Managed Benefits team has saved us valuable time and money. Our Benefits Advisor is constantly assessing the costs of different benefits plans, which is something we don’t have the bandwidth to do ourselves, and that has been huge.

When it comes to brokerage, it’s critical to have a strong partnership with your Benefits Advisor. For me, it is so easy to trust my Benefits Advisor when it comes to offering my employees the benefits they deserve.”


“Namely is both a user- and admin-friendly platform for all things HR.”


“Namely is so intuitive that I’m always thinking of new reports I can run, more analytics I can collect, and new ways I can use the platform to enhance our employees’ experience.”

ExecOnline is one of more than 1,400 companies that use Namely to streamline people operations, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance needs.