HR Case Study

How continued Took Performance Reviews to the Next Level With Namely

  • Industry
    E-learning, Online Education
  • Size
    125 employees

About continued

continued, a division of LaCalle Group, strives to provide a variety of licensed professionals with an exceptional learning experience that enhances their lives and careers. From speech-language pathology to physical therapy and social work, continued offers a wide variety of high-quality online courses taught by industry-leading experts.

  • continued is a fully remote company that has 125 employees located across the United States.
  • For the past 3 years in a row, continued has been recognized as a Great Place to Work Certified™ company and was listed at #13 in Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women™ 2020.
  • continued prides itself on having a warm, family-friendly culture. One of continued’s core values is “Collaborate & Support Always”—which employees exemplify by genuinely caring for one another and the people they serve.
Meet Asher

Asher Primrose, Director of Human Resources

After graduating from UCLA with a Sociology degree, Asher decided to dip her toes in HR.

“Studying Sociology in college sparked my interest in learning about people and what made them tick. Once I started working as a part-time assistant to an HR team at the World Cup 1994 Organizing Committee, I realized that I really liked the way HR teams focused on human interaction. After that, I decided to pursue my career in the HR field.”

Fast forward to 2013, Asher joined continued as the Director of HR and has been there ever since.

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continued’s Challenges

When Asher first joined continued, the company didn’t have an HR system at all.

“We kept employee data in spreadsheets, Google Docs, and paper files. As a completely remote company, storing data in paper files just doesn’t work. Not having a system to store performance review, I9s, employee agreements, and tax documents was definitely a major pain point for us.”

Soon after Asher started, continued implemented a cloud-based solution.

“That HR solution did the job, but had a very clunky interface. You can always tell if a system is not user-friendly when you repeatedly have to train people on how to use it. With that solution, I felt like I had to explain everything to employees several times.

The system’s goals and performance review modules also didn’t fit our culture. Before I joined continued, I was in charge of designing and managing a much larger company’s performance management program, so performance reviews and employee goals were my specialty. When I came to continued, the company was just starting to implement goals. However, the only way to set up goals in our HR solution was by having managers enter employees’ goals for them. That’s not how it should be—employees need to be able to input their own goals and align them with overall company goals. Specifically, we needed a solution that would enable us to identify and measure cascading goals, and provide transparency across the company as to what everyone was focused on.

On top of that, we wanted an HR solution that seamlessly pulled goals into performance reviews. I looked at several different performance review systems, and almost none of them were truly customizable. One even claimed that, based on their research, performance reviews should only have 4 questions sotheir system wouldn’t let you include more than that. That just didn’t work for us, so we kept looking for a solution that would let us customize reviews from the ground up. That’s when we found Namely.”

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The Solution

The ROI of Using Namely

From its seamless onboarding solution to its intuitive interface, Namely’s platform has simplified Asher’s HR processes.

“Namely’s performance reviews are customizable in a way that matters to our culture.”

Namely’s Performance Review Software

Since implementing Namely, Asher has loved how easy it is to customize performance reviews and sync them with employees’ goals.

“When I was first looking at HR solutions, I realized that most of them make you change your performance review process to fit their system. But Namely’s performance review solution allows you to build reviews from scratch, so we didn’t have to alter our process at all. Namely not only has the most customizable reviews, but it also allows you to create self, manager, and peer reviews. I didn’t find any other system that had all of that.

We also love Namely’s cascading goals feature because it enables our employees to input their own goals, collaborate with their managers, and align them with overall team and company goals. Then we use those goals as metrics by seamlessly integrating them into our performance reviews.”

Overall, Namely’s performance review software saves Asher valuable time.

“Because of Namely, I spend very little time managing our performance review process each year. Since I have the templates saved in Namely from previous years, I can easily kick off a new cycle and then track each employees’ review status. At my old company, it was very stressful preparing for and managing performance reviews. Luckily, I don’t feel that way at all using Namely.”


“Namely has truly been a great HR partner for us.”


“Namely is a highly customizable, very engaging, modern HR solution. The platform is so user-friendly and enables self-service—which I think is what most HR professionals are looking for. If you’re a small- or medium-sized business, Namely has all the tools you need for the price you want to pay. Plus, Namely is always adding new features and constantly improving its customer service—and that’s hard to find.”

continued is one of more than 1,400 companies that use Namely to streamline people operations, payroll, benefits, and time & attendance needs.