Namely Client Offboarding Instructions

We at Namely regret that our relationship will be coming to an end. This letter contains everything you need to know about the off-boarding process. Please review the following in detail as there are several important action items you need to be aware of.

Please pay any outstanding balance via wire or ACH immediately, using the provided remittance instructions. This is important to maintain access to your data. In the event that Namely is holding funds on your behalf, Namely will return any funds in excess of tax liabilities accruing prior to termination and any outstanding fees owed to Namely. The tax liabilities will be paid to the applicable state or federal agency.

Remittance Instructions:

Please visit namely.com/make-a-payment to remit ACH payment.

For ACH Delivery:
Primary Bank Routing Number: 021000021
Account Number: 275800388
Account Name: NAMELY, INC.

For Wire Transfers:
Bank Routing Number: 021000021
General Bank Reference Address: JPMorganChase New York, NY 10017
Account Number: 275800388
Account Name: NAMELY, INC.

Provided any outstanding balance is paid in full prior to termination, Namely will continue to provide access to your Namely platform for 30 days after that date. Should you fail to pay any outstanding balance prior to the termination date, your access to Namely will terminate immediately. If after the 30 day period you require further access to your Namely site, there will be a fee to do so.*

During the 30-day period we suggest notifying your employees of the Namely termination with Namely so they are aware there is a limited time for them to access their data on Namely.

We recommend you use this 30-day period to download any documents, reports, data that you wish to retrieve from the Namely site. Here is a list of the reports and documents that we suggest you download:

Human Resources

  • Profile
  • Resources (employees who have company docs in their profile)
  • Team position
  • Team (custom team)
  • Salary history
  • Bonus
  • Job title
  • Time off request
  • Goals (individual goals + alignment with team and company)
  • Reviewer answer
  • Performance (ratings and notes in the profile)
  • Competency (list of competencies)

Payroll/Benefits Administration/Timesheets

  • Summary by pay type
  • Summary by deduction type
  • Summary by tax type
  • General ledger (date range/excel)
  • Generic benefits report
  • W2 files (entire company)
  • Tax report (940, 941)
  • Timesheet details

Namely Time

  • Accrual Usage
  • Exceptions Summary
  • Complete Payroll
  • Payroll Detail
  • Payroll Summary
  • Employee Job Codes
  • Employee Accrual Bank
  • Exception Summary

Payroll Clients: Please note it will be important for you to transfer Power of Attorney (POA) for the states in which you operate and for the IRS, to your new payroll provider. This should be completed in conjunction with your payroll termination date with Namely. If your termination falls mid-quarter, Namely will refund any Federal and State withholdings via ACH within 7–10 business days of the final check date.

Should you need any assistance after your Termination Date, please submit a case via this form.

It has been our pleasure collaborating with you on your HR needs.

* Clients that typically have expansion (active employees greater to your contracted amount) will receive one additional bill following the termination date for the consumption through the last service date.