HR software isn’t just for HR anymore. Namely is a platform the whole company will love.

Employees, Engaged

Namely is HR software employees actually love to use.

  • Namely connects everyone in your company and brings your culture to life.
  • 78% of employees use Namely at least once per month, with user engagement on par with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Managers, Empowered

Managers can motivate and develop their people—anytime, anywhere.

  • Tune the whole company in to major accomplishments and milestones.
  • Get powerful performance tools that actually help managers develop their people.
Michelle Stanford
Michelle Stanford May 16th

Wow! A record-breaking close to the quarter for Sales. Huge congrats, everyone!


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HR, Simplified

Save time on HR administration, and focus more on strategy.

  • Make your entire process paperless, spreadsheet-free, and fully auditable.
  • Unify HR, payroll, time, and benefits—and let Namely handle payroll taxes, year-end forms, ACA compliance, and more.
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C-Suite, Impressed

Measure your human resources—and watch it deliver business results.

  • Analyze all your HR, payroll, and benefits data—all in one place —and make smarter decisions.
  • Save time, save money, and invest more in building a great company.

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